Byrne Gear (formerly Crichton Manufacturing) has served the private and public sector with power transmission drives since 1890, our reducers are used everyday all over the world and beyond (see NASA project).

The engineering staff at byrne gear has consistently delivered the highest quality design for various projects.  the projects listed below are a few examples of byrne gear’s design and manufacturing capabilities:

  • NASA Moon Rover project, Byrne Gear designed and manufactured the final drives for the Moon Rover.  The superior design and light weight of the Byrne unit was a major factor in being awarded this government contract.
  • Nuclear Energy Agency, provided speed reducers to drive equipment to bury nuclear waste in salt mines in New Mexico.  This project required special features do to the adverse environmental conditions of a salt mine.  
  • Boring, tunneling, and excavating equipment worldwide, Byrne Gearboxes provide the drive for sizes ranging from 12 inches to 14 feet.  These applications typically see very heavy shock loads on the gearbox.  The Byrne gearbox typically lasts 10 years or longer in these applications with little or no maintenance.